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Gobindaganj is a very beautiful Thana of Gaibandha District. Everyone loves his/her native villages. You also love your motherland very much. If Gobindaganj is your upazilla you may post your village name on comments and express your emotions about your thana and village. We wish your thana Gobindaganj will be best upazilla in Bangladesh. You may also post the remarkable area of your village so that we can list your area as tourist places of bangladesh and we will take some nice pictures of that places.
We will also make a list of all rivers of Gobindaganj. So please post your favourite rivers in Gobindaganj .
If you have any social group or community you may mention here. We will communicate with that group and will make a free page for that group. And we will publish that page as a group of Gobindaganj thana.
You may also post Gobindaganj's historical territory or places on your comments.




Comments for Gobindaganj
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[ 15/03/2014 ]
I love my upazila. It is the nucleus of Rangpur Division because of its economic and resource mobilization.
- shamim sarker, islamic University
[ 13/03/2014 ]
My native village is Kuripaika. Every body loves her mother and mother land .I am love my mother and mother land /birth place Gobindaganj. Always I remember my upzilla from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.I also proud of my birth place is gomaniganj union because Gomaniganj union gives us most of the top leader in Gobindaganj.
- Apel sarker
[ 25/02/2014 ]
my villeage name is kuripaika. post: pargoyra.Gomaniganj union. my father name is Abdus Sattar sarker. I like my police station gobindagonj. I always remember my Thana gobindagonj. I mind gobindagonj is the best upzilla in Bangladesh.
- Apel sarker
[ 25/02/2014 ]
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[ 23/02/2014 ]
I like gobindaganj
- MANIK.Nagervita
[ 05/01/2014 ]
Rekha was a student of gobindaganj college. she has completed her guraduation in 2001.her village name was prodhan para in gobindaganj pourashava.she also a singer and dancer. i was her best college friend. now i do not know her position and status. if any person known to rekha kindly conduct my cell no. 01670369901
- md. shahin alam sarkar
[ 17/12/2013 ]
I was a student of gobindaganj college. I have completed my graduation in 2001. I also was a BNCC cadet Duputy leader of Rover Scouts of Gobindaganj College unit. So i always love my college.
- Md. Shahin Alam Sarkar
[ 17/12/2013 ]
I like gobindaganj
- alamgirhossan bagdha bazar
[ 10/11/2013 ]
I love gobiondogang .
- Sajeeb form bagda 01770501998
[ 31/10/2013 ]
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- soni rahman
[ 06/10/2013 ]
- shuvo
[ 04/10/2013 ]
Gobindogonj is my heart & lover. Any time i feel my thana.
- Md: Muhit Taluckder
[ 17/09/2013 ]
I Love My Gobindagonj Thana
- Md. Zahangir Alam. Father Name: Md. Babu Miah Shekh. Vill: Baradaha. Post: Harirampur. Gobindagong,
[ 16/09/2013 ]
I Like Gobindagonj. ............Shakpala
- Mahbub
[ 21/08/2013 ]
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[ 11/08/2013 ]
I love all pepole of Gobindaganj Upazila. All time I respect them.
- Md. Abdul Hannan, Vill+Post- Jagodishpur
[ 30/06/2013 ]
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[ 20/06/2013 ]
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[ 15/06/2013 ]
01852096151 girl friends and love. gaibandha
- sifat
[ 25/05/2013 ]
I like gobindaganj
- sifat
[ 25/05/2013 ]
Very thanks Gobindaganj
- REKON 01934667102
[ 24/05/2013 ]
I hate gobindogonj
- momin
[ 20/05/2013 ]
my vallige name is balu bhara . it is my thana near.
- Hidden
[ 17/05/2013 ]
i like to my place . polash from singapore.
- Hidden
[ 17/05/2013 ]
my village is bongram
- shamim
[ 11/05/2013 ]
Gobindaganj(Dharmopur) is my birth place. It is a part of heaven and i'm proud to birth in this heaven.
[ 10/04/2013 ]
Hay people, I heard a beautiful saying today. Let's go away together & roam my beautiful mother-place, Gobindaganj. ,,,,,,,as free as the wind. You will wonder around together,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,come & go without trace,,,, ,,,,,like a playful wind. To be free, like a wind. I do Love my Gobindaganj. ---Al Amin Raafi
- A
[ 05/03/2013 ]
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[ 23/02/2013 ]
I like Gobindogonj.
- Sharif Ahmed
[ 19/02/2013 ]
I love my motherland { fulbari,gobindagonj,gaibandha}
- NoyoN
[ 08/02/2013 ]
I dislike Gobindagong sadar young generatin are adicted.
- rahat
[ 25/12/2012 ]
Gobindaganj is a very beautiful Thana of Gaibandha District. Everyone loves his/her native villages. I also love my motherland very much. My village name is Jagodishpur.We wish our thana Gobindaganj and will be best upazilla in Bangladesh. We will also make a list of all rivers of Gobindaganj. So please post your favourite rivers in Gobindaganj .
- Md. Abdul Hannan
[ 30/10/2012 ]
Vill + Post : Jagodishpur
- Md. Abdul Hannan
[ 30/10/2012 ]
I like gobindaganj
- Md. Abdul Hannan
[ 30/10/2012 ]
Everyone loves her motherland.My name is Abdus samad. My own upazila is gobindogonj. It is the best upazila in Bangladesh. Gobindogonj has 17 unions,339 mouras &387 villages. So it is a second class pourosava in Bangladesh. In accordance with total area & unions it is the second upazila in Bangladesh. The upazila is called the nucleus of Rangpur division. The comunication of gobindogonj upazila is very easy. My favourite rivers in gobindogonj. Mains rivers are- korotoya, Banglali, katakhali in this here. The seneary of this upazila is very beautiful. I am very proved of my upazila. So, I love my upazila is very much.
[ 22/09/2012 ]
- Hidden
[ 20/09/2012 ]
I was born in Dhaka,but my native's village is in Gobindagonj.As I went to Gobindagonj ,I was astronished to see it's amusement beauty.
- S.M Nafiul Islam
[ 26/05/2012 ]
I like gobindaganj
- Hidden
[ 07/04/2012 ]
my village chokendahar,shibpur
- jahid hasan (mehrab)
[ 04/04/2012 ]
Thanks to all for comments about my dream gobindaganj. Gobindaganj was likely to be district but yet now it not be district. No any govt. College in gobindaganj. We are gradually dis centralizing from gobindaganj. I am going to publish a website ( about Gobindaganj but i have no enough knowledge about gobindaganj. I do believe, We love our gobindaganj. Needed a lot of information and data about gobindaganj. Please help to get these things which given below by email as soon as possible. 1. Photo of historical palace of gobindaganj 2. Famous person of Gobindaganj (in Details) 3. History of gobindaganj 4. Geographical data 5. contact no. (Hospital, Doctor, Engineer, Teacher, police station etc.) 6. List of educational institution 7. List of company, industries, bank, insurance, NGO etc.) 8. Different photos... Contact: Turab, 01833320887
- Engr. A T Ahmed
[ 17/02/2012 ]
My village name is chandpara.(01713661149)
- dulal
[ 27/01/2012 ]
I like gobindaganj
- Moni
[ 25/01/2012 ]
I like gobindaganj
- Md shamim osman bongran.kochashor.gobindogonj
[ 19/01/2012 ]
gobindagon district chi.
- rahat jahan kona
[ 17/01/2012 ]
I have developed a website only for Gobindagonj named I want to express my Gobindaganj to the world's people. Help me for developing well the website. Email:
- Iqbal Hasu
[ 02/01/2012 ]
Gobidagonj is my dream
- Tofail Ahamed
[ 17/11/2011 ]
I love my thana. It is a very beautiful place. Everybody like this thana.
- Nazim Ahmmed, Anondipur, Panitolahat, Gobindogonj.
[ 22/10/2011 ]
I want to add more information about our upazila. Interested person can contact with me. My contact no 01711020433. Any body can help me by information & picture.
- Suman
[ 21/10/2011 ]

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